Upcoming Auditions

The Wild Women of Winedale

Auditions for “The Comedy of Tenors”
Director Rick Bronson
January 6th and 7th at 6:30pm at Early Bird, cold readings from the script.  Short comedic monologue welcomed, not required 13355 49th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762
Looking for 4 male and 3 female actors, plus understudies.  All positions paid.
Saunders- male, late 50s, High-strung American producer; he’s had success but worked very hard for it and it shows
Max- male, 30s,  Rising American opera singer and former assistant to Saunders; smart, level-headed, and quick with a joke; should also sing well.
Tito / Beppo-male, 50s, Italian. Tito is one of Italy’s most famous opera singers; regal in appearance, fiery in nature; has a bit of a diva complex and is a horribly jealous person. Italian accent. The same actor plays Beppo, a bellhop–joyous and full of life, as down to earth as Tito is regal. Strong tenor.
Maria-female, early 50s, Italian. Stunning wife to one of Italy’s most famous opera singers; big personality, explosive temper. Italian accent.
Mimi- female, 20s, Italian-American. Bright-eyed star hoping to be discovered; she is the daughter of Tito and Maria and, while they still think of her as their little girl, she is definitely coming into her own. American accent.
Carlo- male, 20s, Italian. Dashing, young opera impresario who is in love with Mimi but seen as a threat to her father’s career; speaks English very well. No detectable Italian accent and must be a strong tenor
Tatiana Racon- female, late 40s, Famous Russian opera singer, former lover to Tito, a very intense and passionate woman. Russian accent.
Please email Dawn at rickdawnsky@aol.com with any questions
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