Upcoming Auditions


Auditions will be held at Early Bird Dinner Theatre, 133355 49th Street N., Clearwater, Florida 33762

Production Dates will be May 9 – June 28, 2020. All positions are paid. Actors will need to be available for Thursday and Saturday Matinees and evening performance Thursday thru Sunday. Exact rehearsal schedule depends on the cast. 

Please bring headshot, resume and complete list of known conflicts and availability for rehearsals. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please arrive early to complete audition for and peruse sides. 

The Play…Charlotte and Eugene live a quiet, no-nonsense lifestyle surrounded by sudoku and argyle. Robert and Bella are boisterous and messy and ridiculously in love. Then there’s the neighbor, Suzanne, who basically doesn’t know what’s going on, but definitely has something to say about it. Sure, relationships can be exciting! They can also be confusing, unexpected, and expose us to profound emotional risk. However, relationships are almost always worth exploring, and if we’re willing to be vulnerable, can fill up the empty or wounded spaces in our hearts. And if that doesn’t work? Well, get a dog. 

Character Information …

Charlotte Female, 20-40 (of child-bearing age) any race/ethnicity. Kind, hard- working, intellectual. She has a gentle, patient nature with particular and nervous tendencies.

Eugene Male, 20-50 (preferably a bit older) any race/ethnicity. Superior, intelligent, particular, sarcastic with a dry wit. 

Robert Male, 20-40 any race/ethnicity. A tolerably good guy, he enjoys his life and has an enduringly upbeat attitude. He’s in love with Charlotte, as well as his new rescue dog.

Bella Female, 20-40 (preferably a bit younger) Any Race/Ethnicity. Happy, loves attention, and could charm the lolli off a pop.

Suzanne Female-identifying, 30-80. Any Race/Ethnicity. Charlotte’s neighbor: nosy, a bit abrasive, and in the midst of emotional/physical transition; cares greatly for Charlotte. Borderline alcoholic. Not a dog lover.

Understudy and crew positions also available.

FMI, contact Director Trevor Keller at allammanfl@gmail.com
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