Upcoming Auditions

Spirit Level

Director Patrick Brafford
September 9th 6:30pm
Time: Present


Jack Cameron – 40-60 – Highly successful mystery writer.  Wry sense of humor.  Atheist.  Sardonic wit.  Recently deceased.

Susie Cameron – 40-60 (his wife) – Lovable, enjoys others, sophisticated with an edge, warmhearted and pushy when needed.  Christian.  Recently deceased.

Mark Webster – 50-70 – Real Estate Agent.  Pretentious, fussy, finicky.

Simon Willis – 25-30 – Eager, writer-in-waiting.

Flic Willis – 25-30 (his wife) – Also eager and wanting to please.  Pregnant, excited to start her new life.  Tidy.

Marcia Bradshaw – 50s (Flic’s Mother) – Mother-in-law from hell.  Loves her daughter; hates the son-in-law.

Guardian Angel – 40-80 – Overworked, former chemistry teacher when she was alive. As Angel she knows all, including the future.

Marcia and Angel may be played by same actor if she can show total opposites during audition. Quick change artist required in Act 1.
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