"What the Bellhop Saw"

January 5th – February 24th, 2019

“What the Bellhop Saw” by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore

January 5th – February 24th, 2019

A fantastic comedy involving an author in hiding, a bumbling assassin, a wife from hell, a conniving bellboy, an incompetent F.B.I. agent, a nubile ce- lebrity-mad maid and a dimwitted secretary. Gag lines are popping as events transpire at a whirlwind velocity. Humor blends with the traditional antics of farce: doors slamming, characters careening and confusion reigning supreme. “A winner!” – Stage Directions. “The laughs keep on coming!” News Tribune “A rip- roaring good time!” – Broadway Stage 

For reservations call 727-446-5898

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